10 Best Substitutes for Beets


Root vegetables are common in our daily cooking. Not just in salads, but they find their way in soups, stews, and many other dishes.

Beets are one of the many root vegetables that are healthy and used in different recipes. These large root plants are a very common ingredient in many dishes and cuisines all over the world.

Their earthy, sweet flavor and the bitter tones that the beets provide will make your dish very tasty and unique. Actually, the red color of the beets is what makes them even special. The pulp of this root has a sweet taste and it typically has a dark red color.

They can be boiled, steamed, sauteed, and added to many meals. However, if beets are out of season and if you are looking for something different, is there a way to replace them?

Yes, you can substitute for beets with Canned or frozen beets, Chioggia beets, Carrots, Parsnips, Red Cabbage, Spinach, Swiss chard, Sweet Potatoes, Turnip, and Celeriac.

All you have to do is scroll down below, read on each veggie, and pick the one that suits your recipe best.

Substitute for Beets

As previously mentioned beets can be replaced. Even though it may be a challenging task, beets can be either avoided or substituted.  They have a unique color and specific taste. Thus, we are here to help with that. We have gathered the best vegetables that come as close as using beets in your cooking.

1. Canned or frozen beets

Canned beets

If you are out of fresh beets, use frozen or canned ones. Both frozen and canned beets are not like any other vegetable. The taste is practically the same and the nutritious values are kept as well.

They also provide healthy nutrients which are a good source of fiber, iron, and folate. You can always add them in most recipes that call for fresh beets or substitute them for each other in all recipes. They can last for a long period in your fridge. 

2. Chioggia beets

There are a few types of beets, so one of the options that can be a good replacement for the regular beets is Chioggia beets. Garden beets are distinguished by their concentric rings of red and white on the inside. They are good to be eaten raw and cooked.

If they are raw they have a crunchy texture with a very strong earthy taste. After they are cooked, the texture is soft and the taste becomes sweeter. You can add them as a substitute for beets in most recipes. Bake them, add them into dips and you’ll get a nice and delicious result. 

3. Carrots


Another veggie that can be a good replacement is carrots. These healthy, delicious and easily found vegetables are good for your cooking. They can be used both raw and cooked.

Their orange color will make your dish colorful as well as their sweet taste will make everything even better. Add them to salads, soups, stews, or any other recipe that calls for beets. They are very nutritious. Therefore, you won’t regret using them in your cooking. 

4. Parsnips


Another root vegetable that is very similar to beets is parsnips. They are a good way to replace beets in your cooking. Their sweet taste is similar to beets but the spiciness that parsnip has is different and unique.

You can use parsnip in most of the recipes that are requiring beets. Also if you enjoy that hotness this is the perfect root veggie for you.

5. Red cabbage

Red cabbage

Red cabbage is a good substitute for beets in most recipes. The red color is what they share in common and the earthy flavors. Red cabbage can be added to salads, soups, and most of the recipes that call for beets.

The colors will be pleasant to your eyes and they taste amazing for your mouth. Also, it is important to note that red cabbage is very healthy and nutritious. 

6. Spinach

Sauteed spinach

A green veggie that is commonly used in our diets is spinach. This is also another alternative to beets in cooking. The leafy parts of the spinach are what make them similar.

It has a mild taste and delivers a lot of health benefits. You can eat it either raw or cooked. You can find it in most grocery stores and add it to your daily cooking routine.

7. Swiss chard

Swiss chard

It may be harder to find it compared to the other veggies, however, Swiss chard is a good replacement for beets. The earthy flavors and bitter tones resemble the taste of beets.

Also, the stalks are edible and the red color is another thing that they have in common. Use it in most of the recipes, especially the ones that require cooked beets.

8. Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato

Beets can be replaced by another useful veggie that can be found in most stores and that is sweet potatoes. Just like the name says, these potatoes are sweet.

Their root provides traces of spiciness which makes them unique. You can use them roasted, in stews, or any other recipe that requires beets. 

9. Turnip


Turnips are another way to swap beets in your cooking. These mild tasty vegetables which have spicy tones are quite similar to beets.

You can easily replace the beets with turnips, especially in slow cooking, roasting, or as a healthy snack. Once cooked it becomes soft, just like beets.

10. Celeriac


The last on our list and yet another root veggie that can be good for beets in your recipe is the celery root. It can be eaten either cooked or raw and the crunchy texture with its sweetness is what makes it a similar and suitable replacement for beets. You can use it in salads, bake it, mash it, or any other recipe.

Related Questions

What can I substitute for beets in a salad?

You can always use cabbage or carrots as a way to replace beets in salads. You can also add tomatoes or radishes. Either way, you’ll get a nice delicious, healthy salad.

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