What To Eat With Baked Beans: 20 Delicious Combos

Baked beans are some of the most popular Mexican dishes that become known in many other parts of the world. You can make baked beans at home or you can purchase them in a can and enjoy them for dinner.

However, these beans are usually not enough for a meal so you will have to combine them with other dishes in order to obtain a complete lunch or dinner.

Read on and pick the side dish that seems most appealing to you.

Best 20 Side Dishes For Baked Beans 

You might find that you can combine some of the following side dishes, in order to complete your baked beans as well as possible according to your personal taste.

1. Omelet

Omelets go great with a variety of veggies and side dishes and you will love your omelet combined with baked beans as well.

Simply add the baked beans to the side of your omelet. Or even on top of it as a topping and this might just become your favorite breakfast and even your comfort food.

2. Soups

Egg drop soup

Sour soups are the type of soups that go the best with baked beans but ultimately you can add baked beans to any type of soup.

It is important though, to add the baked beans in the soups right before you are going to eat them because they can get mushy fast as they absorb any type of liquid you put them in. You can also add baked beans in a different bowl than your soup and eat them separately.

3. Stews

Stewed Tomatoes

Baked beans are a great addition to stews as well so not just to your favorite soups. You can eat them along with your stew from a different plate or you can combine them with the stew.

Add as many beans as you want to your stew and you will love the results! Sour cream on top of such a portion can also accelerate the flavor you obtain at the end.

4. Steak


Your beef steak is very compatible with baked beans, regardless of their kind. You can use the baked beans as a side dish to your steak and you will fall in love with this combination.

If you add a fresh salad on the side as well, you obtain a complete meal that is also very filling and nutritious.

5. Grilled fish

Grilled fish

You might be surprised to discover that grilled fish, particularly salmon, tastes even better with a generous side of baked beans.

You will love the buttery texture of the baked beans along with the soft texture of the fish. Garlic is a great addition to such a meal as well as lemon and any other herbs you might prefer.

6. Ground meat

Ground Beef

In Mexico, there is a dish called baked beans con Carne. You can create this dish by yourself if you add some ground meat of your choice to your baked beans.

It will taste much better if you mix the meat with the beans rather than enjoy them on the side. Add garlic and onion to your ground meat in order to make it taste better. And don’t forget about the spices you like the most.

You can use any type of ground meat you prefer and adjust the Mexican recipe to one that will be enjoyed by you and your family.

7. Bruschettas


Baked beans and bruschettas are a great combination as well.

You want to eat them both fresh so you enhance the taste as well. If you use canned baked beans, you can always heat them up and prepare your bruschettas at the same time.

This will give you a delicious meal in less than ten minutes and you can enjoy it for lunch as well as for dinner.

8. Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are a great choice to eat along with baked beans.

You can simply bake your potatoes or even boil them and cut them open before you add some tablespoons of baked beans on top of them.

Don’t forget the salt as well as the rest of the seasonings you might want to add to such a meal and you will have an easy and fast combination that tastes really good as well.

9. Cheese

monterey jack cheese

Cheese can be used as a topping of baked beans but also as a side dish.

You can fry your cheese, make cheese sticks or simply eat it plain along with your baked beans. This is one of the best mixes and you will most likely want to have it all over again as it is also fairly accessible.

You can use any type of cheese you prefer. However, pay attention to the fact that not all types of cheese are good for frying them.

10. Fresh salads


Fresh salads such as tomato and cucumber salad can make a great addition to your baked beans meals.

The freshness of your salad will taste even better with the buttery texture of your baked beans and if you add the right dressing for your taste you will enjoy it even more. You can add other veggies to your salad such as peppers and even make it spicy with some chili flakes.

11. Pasta


Pasta will taste just as good or even better if you eat it with some tasty baked beans. You can combine the beans with your pasta or eat them on the side.

Similarly, you can choose to have a paste with cheese or different other toppings and you will obtain a tasty dinner in less than half an hour. Make sure you choose a type of pasta that is easy to eat with your beans such as the thicker versions of farfalle or ravioli.

12. Pizza


The combination of baked beans and pizza might surprise you but it will surprise you in a good way. Depending on the type of pizza you choose you might like this combination more or less.

The best pizza to eat with baked beans is cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza. However, feel free to try eating your baked beans with your very own favorite pizza and you will simply love the outcome.

13. Stuffed potatoes

baked potatoes

When it comes to stuffed potatoes you can use any types of toppings you want from ham to other veggies and even ground meat. You can even add some baked beans on top of your baked potato and you will love the result.

The combination between stuffed potatoes and baked beans can become a very nutritious meal for you as well as the rest of your family.

14. Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes might be a little more difficult to prepare but if you have the patience to do this dish and you combine it with baked beans you can only win.

Use rice or even ground meat and ground veggies to stuff your tomatoes and add baked beans on the side. You will be amazed by how good these two dishes go together.

15. Steamed veggies

Steamed veggies

One of the easiest dishes to prepare is steamed veggies.

You can steam carrots, broccoli, celery, or any other veggies you might like and add some butter to them so they get the delicious taste we all love.

Mix them with some baked beans and you have a healthy and tasty meal with no hassle.

16. Stir-fries


Stir-fries are common in Asian cuisine and they are very easy to prepare at home.

All you need is a mix for stir fry and a pan. You will fry your veggie mix in the pan along with some butter, seasonings and add the flavor you want before you serve it next to your baked beans.

This can be a great option for a great dinner.

17. Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms

If you like mushrooms and baked beans, there is no need to eat them separately while they can taste so great together. Simply add a few mushrooms sliced in a frying pan and cook them for a few minutes along with some butter and seasonings.

Mushrooms make a great combo with some garlic, pepper, and of course, salt. Serve them with a side of baked beans and you will not be disappointed!

18. Baked veggies

Sweet potato

Baked veggies along with the right seasoning make a great choice for your baked beans. You can bake any type of veggies from carrots to potatoes and broccoli and you will not have to worry about them not tasting good with your baked beans.

Add a sauce or a topping on top of your baked veggies to get an even richer flavor. 

19. Mashed potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes go great with almost any dishes and for some people, this is one of the comfort foods they go to. You will find the combination between mashed potatoes and baked beans to be very tasty, to say the least.

You can use canned baked beans with fresh mashed potatoes or you can choose to make your baked beans at home.

20. French fries

French fries

Everyone loves French fries! You can combine them with baked beans any time you want. It will matter a lot to eat fresh French fries with your baked beans, thus don’t neglect this aspect because old French fries will not have the same flavor to them.

You want them to be crispy so they compliment the buttery texture of your beans.

What Main Dish Goes With Baked Beans?

The best main dishes to enjoy with your baked beans are soups, stews, stuffed potatoes as well as stuffed tomatoes, and even pasta or pizza.

Baked beans can add a different flavor to any type of different main meal and they can surprise you with how intense their taste is if you mix it with such dishes.

But if you want to add your baked beans to the main dish, the only rule you need to consider is that you should choose a main dish that doesn’t contain beans as well.

Two different types of beans are not ideal for a tasty meal so, check the ingredients in your main dish and add your baked beans accordingly. Your personal preferences will be very important in this matter as well.

What To Eat With Baked Beans Vegetarian?

If you are a vegetarian you can eat all the dishes in this guide, except the ones that contain meat. And even for the ground meat dishes, you can use ground soy and still obtain a delicious taste. So, the fact that you are vegetarian shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the best meals.

What To Eat With Baked Beans For Breakfast?

Many people love beans for breakfast and baked beans are maybe the best choice for the first meal of the day.

The best combo, in this case, would be baked beans with your favorite omelet recipe. You can also add some vegetables to your omelet or make a fresh salad on the side for a more complete breakfast.

If you don’t like omelets, you can have your baked beans with fried eggs or simply with a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion. Fresh veggies next to a portion of baked beans will offer you the right nutrition to start your day on a great note and have the energy you want.

Final Thoughts

Baked beans are some of the tastiest types of beans dishes and you can prepare them at home fairly easily. You might be a fan of eating baked beans plain but you would be missing out if you don’t try them with a few of the side dishes recommended in this guide.

Baked beans are very flexible, so you can combine them with almost any type of meal. And you can enjoy them for breakfast as well as for lunch or dinner.

Give your baked beans a try along with some of your other favorite dishes and you will be charmed by the results you obtain.

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