What To Eat With Biscuits: 15 Mouth-Watering Pairings


If you like biscuits, you know that they come in different shapes and flavors.

However, as popular as they are, many people don’t know how to incorporate biscuits into a more complex meal that is different than just a random snack.

Here’s a list of biscuit combinations you will love!

Best Biscuit Combinations 

Biscuits can be incorporated into both sweet and savory meals. But you will most likely choose the combination that suits you the best according to the preferences you have and the time of the day you serve them at.

1. Biscuits And Tea


Biscuits and tea are one of the oldest snacks ideas. You most likely had this combination as a child. You can combine any type of biscuits with any type of tea of your choice.

Some people like to dip the biscuits inside the tea to give them a softer texture. It can definitely make for an interesting snack. We recommend adding some honey to your tea for a sweeter and more satisfying taste.

2. Biscuits And Honey


Biscuits and honey are fast and delicious sources of sugar and carbs. You can use this if you want something sweet but you don’t feel like running to the store to purchase it, nor do you feel like putting together a complex dessert.

This combination goes great with plain biscuits that have somewhat of a buttery flavor to them. However, you can try it with any type of biscuits you have in your house.

3. Biscuits And Gravy


In the United States, biscuits and gravy are common snacks.

You can use any type of gravy with biscuits and spread it on top of them like little tarts. Or, you can put some gravy between two biscuits and create a biscuit gravy sandwich.

Either way, if you like gravy, you will like its taste with biscuits as well.

4. Biscuits And Jelly


Jelly or marmalade are perfect toppings for your biscuits and they can make for a filling snack as well. So, choose your favorite marmalade or jelly and spread it on your biscuits!

You will love the outcome! And depending on the type of biscuits you have, this snack could replace any complex dessert in terms of taste!

5. Biscuits And Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is tasty enough on its own which is why many love to eat it with a spoon right from the jar.

However, if you try peanut butter on biscuits you will discover a new level of culinary pleasure and you can add a mug of tea next to it as well if you want to have an even better snack.

Both crunchy and soft, peanut butter works well on any biscuits and it could become your snack of choice.

6. Biscuits And Nutella


Everyone loves Nutella and eating a bit of this delicious chocolate spread on your favorite biscuits can be a delicious treat. This is a snack with many calories attached to it. However, as long as you don’t overdo it, it is definitely one that you should try out.

7. Biscuits And Fresh Fruits

If you are looking for a fresher and healthier combination for your snack, biscuits, and fruits could be the answer for you.

You can make a fruit salad by cutting a few of your favorite fruits and eating them with a few biscuits or even mixing the biscuits in the salad bowl as well.

Bananas, oranges apples, and peaches are just some of the most popular choices. But the sky is the limit when it comes to what fruits you would choose.

8. Biscuits And Cream Cheese 

Cream cheese

Cream cheese and biscuits go great together as an appetizer but also as a snack between meals.

Choose the type of cream cheese you prefer and spread it on plain biscuits for a quick yet satisfying bite. You can even add a tomato salad to the mix as tomatoes go excellent with cheese of all kinds.

9. Biscuits And Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Another great dessert combination is biscuits and your favorite ice cream. Just like cake and ice cream, biscuits and ice cream can make for a very tasty snack.

The sweetness of ice cream will combine great with the doughy texture of your biscuits as well as their crumbly nature. Plain biscuits are the best in such a combination because you want to highlight the taste of ice cream, not take from it.

10. Biscuits And Eggs

Deviled eggs

A more breakfast-appropriate combination is plain biscuits and eggs. You can either make an omelet or just fry the eggs and add them to your biscuits.

If you like boiled eggs, cut them into slices and eat them with your biscuits as well. You will find dozens of combinations to put together a delicious breakfast out of biscuits and eggs.

11. Biscuits Sandwiches

There are many biscuit sandwiches ideas you can choose from with different toppings from mozzarella cheese to vegetables.

The toppings will depend on how thick and wide your biscuits are as well but if they are not suitable for a sandwich because they are too thin, you can always create a tart.

Either way, we recommend getting creative and trying to put together some of the best biscuit sandwiches for your taste.

12. Biscuits And Fried Ham

Dry ham

If you like fried ham you can always eat it in combination with your favorite biscuits. You can also use fried, crispy bacon instead of fried ham and you will love the way the textures combine in such a dish.

Feel free to make an omelet as well and you will have a complete, nutritious breakfast in just a few minutes!

13. Biscuits And Cream Soups 

Cream Soups 

If you like cream soups and you have some salted biscuits, feel free to combine them and you will obtain a great meal. Use biscuits in such a way next to any vegetable cream soup and consider that they go particularly great with tomato soups.

14. Biscuits And Avocado Spread

Mashed Avocado

Avocado spread is very healthy but also very easy to make and you can enjoy it with any type of plain biscuits you want.

Unflavored biscuits are the best since they compliment the flavor of avocado spread that much better but you can get creative with other types of biscuits as well.

15. Biscuits And Hummus


Hummus and biscuits make a filling combination but also one that will taste great. You can expect a few biscuits with hummus to kill hangers and even replace a more complex meal.

Make your hummus at home if you have a blender or buy it already made as it is very easy to find.

What To Serve With Biscuits For Breakfast?

A winning breakfast combination could be fried ham or bacon and an omelet with your favorite veggies in it.

Top this combination with some cheddar cheese and you are in for a winner breakfast that will be not only tasty but also highly nutritious.

You can also enjoy biscuits with your morning tea if you want to start your day with a light snack. Even if such options are some of the most popular for a tasty and fast breakfast, you can try out all the options above during any meal of the day.

What Goes With Biscuits For Lunch?

Unlike breakfast, chances are that you want a more consistent lunch and if that is the case, you can incorporate biscuits in a dish that contains gravy. You can eat some cream cheese biscuits a well next to a more complex dish such as a salad or a soup.

A great idea would be to make a biscuit sandwich with some veggies, cheese, and thin slices of meat and have a fast yet tasty lunch like that.

What To Eat With Biscuits Vegetarian?

If you are more on the vegetarian side, you can combine your biscuits with a fruit salad or peanut butter, cream cheese, or even a fresh veggie salad.

Biscuits can go great with many dishes that don’t contain meat and if you have salted biscuits you can always eat them instead of crackers next to your main dish, from cream soups to stews.

However, this requires a special type of biscuits that are usually not sweet and can complement such savory foods.

Final Tips

You might not think of all these options when you have biscuits but try them out and you will obtain some great meals and snacks!

Biscuits are so versatile that they can be part of a fast and tasty dessert but also of a salty and savory meal. You can enjoy them at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as snacks in between these main meals.

A pack of biscuits can save you from many situations when you are hungry but you find yourself on the go and you can’t stop enjoying a complex meal.

So, try out some different types of biscuits and discover which ones are the most suitable for your preferences and your diet. They tend to be easy to find and most of them come at budget-friendly costs as well.

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