How to Reheat a Sandwich in the Oven?

Sandwich in oven

I don’t want to eat a cold sandwich. And I guess you don’t want nether.

So, if you have any leftover sandwich and you want to enjoy its full taste there are few ways you can reheat it without making it dry or soggy.

In this article, I will share common ways you can reheat a sandwich including your oven, microwave, toaster, air fryer, or skillet.

They all will heat the sandwich. However, which way works best for you? Nobody wants to eat a soggy or dry sandwich. Without further ado, let’s learn how to reheat a sandwich and find the way that works for you.

What is the Best Way to Reheat a Sandwich?

The best and easiest way to reheat a sandwich is in the oven.

Few simple tricks will help you to have a perfectly reheated sandwich. If the bread is dry or hard you will need a paper bag big enough to fit the sandwich, and an oven, or a toaster oven.

Place the sandwich in the bag and fold down the bag tightly. Make sure that there is some air in the bag. Wet the bag with water and place it in the preheated oven at 325°F.

In 15-20 minutes, you will have a perfectly reheated sandwich.

The wet paper bag will steam and give the bread a chance to heat up while preventing it from burning. However, if the bread is soft and soggy you will need a different technique.

Just place the sandwich in the oven uncovered, for 10-15 minutes to let the moisture evaporate. If the middle of the sandwich is not heated enough, you can place it in a paper bag for about 5 minutes. This will make the sandwich perfectly heated all over.


What Temperature Do You Reheat Sandwiches in the Oven?

You can reheat the sandwiches in the oven at 325° for about 160°C.

Preheat the oven at this temperature and wrap the sandwiches in aluminum foil. Make sure that you cover all sides with the foil. Otherwise, you will end up with dry parts.

When the oven is heated up put, the sandwiches wrapped in aluminum foil into the oven. Let them warm up in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Carefully remove the hot sandwiches from the oven and check their status.

Pull back a part of the foil and if you think that they are not warmed enough bring them back in the oven for about 3-5 minutes. When they are reheated entirely just take off the aluminum foil and serve them while they are still hot.

How Do You Warm up a Sandwich Without it Getting Soggy?

You can warm up a sandwich without it getting soggy if you are using the microwave.

Just wrap the sandwich in a paper towel and put it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. If you want the sandwich to be warmed up evenly you can turn it over at half of the time.

Don’t use plastic wrap to warm up your sandwiches because plastic will trap moisture and the sandwich will become wet and soggy.

Another option is to warm up the sandwich in the oven. Wrap it in aluminum foil and place it in the oven at 325°F. Take it out after 15-20 minutes. You will have an evenly heated sandwich that is not soggy or dry.

How Do You Reheat a Chicken Sandwich in the Oven?

You can reheat a chicken sandwich in the oven and enjoy a lovely meal.

If you have any leftover sandwiches, it is best to keep them in the sandwich bag. But if you have thrown it away store the sandwiches in a plastic bag or wrap them with plastic foil.

For the best results separate all the parts of the sandwich. Toast the bread in the toaster or on a greased pan until it becomes crispy. Place the chicken in the preheated oven at 350°F for about 3-4 minutes.

Take the reheated bread and chicken meat and make the sandwich all over again.

If you don’t want to separate all the parts of the sandwich you can wrap it in aluminum foil or wax paper and heat in a preheated oven at 350°F for about 15-20 minutes.

If you don’t have time to wait for the oven to be preheated you can use the microwave to reheat your chicken sandwich. The microwave will make the sandwich soggy, but if you don’t have any other choice, you can give it a try.

Separate all the parts of your sandwich. Then, toast the bread on a greased pan or a toaster and when it is nice and crispy, just put it away.

Reheat the chicken meat in a microwave for about 2 minutes on each side. Put back all the parts together and enjoy the warm and crispy chicken sandwich. You can also reheat the chicken sandwich in an air fryer if you have one.

Chicken meat is probably already cooked. Therefore, you will need only a few minutes to reheat it. Preheat the air fryer for 2-3 minutes. Put the chicken in the air fryer’s basket and cook it at 375°F-190°C for about 4 minutes.

Shake the basket 2 minutes later so the chicken heats equally. You can do the same with the sandwich bread. Just heat it shorter than the chicken meat-for about 1-2 minutes.

How to Reheat a Cheesesteak in the Oven?

If cheesesteak is one of your favorite dishes it is good to know how to reheat it. That way, you could enjoy its wonderful flavor at all times. The only important thing is to reheat it right so it doesn’t lose its wonderful flavor.

It is best to reheat your cheesesteak in the oven.

First, wrap the cheesesteak in aluminum foil. Put the wrapped cheesesteak into a tray covered with aluminum foil. Place the tray in a preheated oven at 375°F.

Let the cheesesteak heat for 20-25 minutes.

Take the cheesesteak out of the oven. Make sure that it is properly heated check its temperature with a food thermometer. The temperature at the center of the cheesesteak should be between 140-150°F. This temperature means that your cheesesteak is done and you can enjoy its flavor.

You can also use the microwave if you are in a hurry. However, your cheesesteak will have a different flavor and may turn out slightly dry.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to eat a cold sandwich and you want to reheat it but didn’t know how to do it properly, this article was for you.

You can use an oven, microwave, air fryer, or the good old skillet.

Which one you are going to use depends on the type of the sandwich, and the ingredients used for its preparation. Sadly, you cannot reheat all ingredients in the sandwich equally and still get the same flavor and texture as before.

Which way you are going to use depends on the appliance and the spare time you have to spend to reheat the sandwiches. And of course, how hungry you are because you probably know that when you are hungry everything tastes better.

Check out these suggestions and let us know which one works best for you. Write your opinion in the comment section below, and share other ways on how to reheat a sandwich.

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