12 Best Substitutes for Brie Cheese


Brie cheese is the right cheese for you if you prefer a creamy, buttery, and slightly earthy taste. It’s used in many appetizers and snacks due to its mouthwatering flavor and lovely texture.

However, what are you supposed to do if you can’t find or don’t want to use Brie cheese in your dish? Well, opt for some of the common Brie cheese substitutes!

Common substitutes like Coulommiers, Camembert, Paglietta, Chevre Cheese, Reblochon, Mozzarella, Cantal, Explorateur cheese, Fontina, Fromage D’affinois, Saint-Andre, and Toma cheese have similar texture and taste.

To know more about these delicious cheeses and how they can substitute Brie cheese, read on!

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Best Brie Cheese Substitutes

Brie cheese has a specific kind of nutty flavor that blends well with the soft inside. Thankfully, I have found the 10 best Brie cheese substitutes that can work magic on your dishes.

1. Coulommiers


Did you know that many people consider Coulommiers as the cousin of Brie cheese? Both of these varieties share an astonishing set of similarities.

Coulommiers is a type of soft-ripened cheese made out of raw or pasteurized milk. Hence, both Brie and Coulommiers have a soft and buttery texture that works excellently in dishes.

Moreover, Coulommiers cheese also has a lovely nutty and rich flavor that’s similar to Brie cheese. It can work well with fruits, baguettes, and even open sandwiches.

Note that Coulommiers cheese is thicker than Brie cheese. The nutty taste is also more powerful here. So, tone down the quantity whenever you use it. 

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2. Camembert


The Camembert cheese is undoubtedly one of the best substitutes for Brie cheese due to its similar making process, texture, and taste.

Camembert, a type of French cheese, is a soft cheese with a rich and smooth texture. But young Camembert cheese has a crumbly texture, but it turns into a Brie-like creamy texture as it ages. Hence, you can opt for an old Camembert cheese for substitution.

The earthy, mild flavor of Camembert is also similar to Brie. The slight saltiness works well with a variety of nuts, fruits, and bread too. You can also eat it with red Bordeaux and Beaujolais, like Brie.

The only difference here is Camembert has a more earthy and umami taste than Brie.

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3. Paglietta

Paglietta cheese may not be as commonly available as other cheese varieties but it’s still a great Brie cheese substitute.

It’s a type of Italian soft cheese with a great smooth texture. Hence, it’s somewhat similar to Brie cheese. However, Brie cheese is a bit on the firm side while Paglietta is runny.

When it comes to the flavor, both Paglietta and Brie cheeses have nutty and fruity tones. So, you can also use Paglietta in place of Brie, with fruits, crackers, or wines too. 

4. Chevre or Goat Cheese

Goat cheese

Chevre cheese, commonly known as goat cheese, is a great substitute for Brie cheese. It’s a famous cheese in France due to its rich and flavorful texture.

Chevre or goat cheese resembles Brie in various aspects. First, it’s also a type of soft cheese due to which the texture is super creamy and smooth. However, as it ages, the texture may become crumbly and firm. 

The taste of Chevre is what makes it a unique Brie substitute. It’s also earthy and fruity but it has a very intense tangy taste. So, if you’re eating it with bread and fruits in place of Brie, reduce its content. 

5. Reblochon

I highly recommend Reblochon in place of Brie cheese. It’s also a type of French cheese with various similarities to Brie cheese.

Both Brie and Reblochon have a very creamy and soft consistency. However, Reblochon is definitely softer and creamier. Hence, it can blend well with fruits and bread.

As for the taste, Roblochon has an intense nutty flavor with slight fruity tones too similar to Brie cheese. So, you can substitute Brie with Reblochon with fruity wines too!

6. Mozzarella


Mozzarella is one of the most easily available substitutes for Brie cheese.

You can find it almost everywhere in a variety of flavors and textures. For instance, you’ve both soft and firm mozzarella. Make sure you opt for soft or fresh mozzarella to substitute Brie.

Mozzarella cheese consists of a soft and melty interior that’s similar to Brie. If you’re going for the authentic buffalo-based Mozzarella, then it’s super flavorful with its mild and sweet taste. It also has fruity undertones.

Hence, you can substitute Brie with Mozzarella in crackers and fruits easily. The only issue here is that mozzarella has very less salt content.

7. Cantal

Cantal cheese is a type of semi-hard French cheese that’s a good substitute for Brie. The Cantal cheese is available in mainly three types depending on its maturity. I recommend opting for young Cantal, also known as Cantal Jeune. 

The Cantal Jeune cheese has a very similar texture to Brie as it’s soft and creamy. However, the other aged varieties are more on the crumbly side.

The young Cantal consists of many flavors ranging from milky to fruity to earthy. It’s also mildly sweet and works well with fruits, bread, and wines. Apart from these, you can also use this cheese for other dishes such as salads, soups, and cheese fondue.

8. Explorateur cheese

If you’re looking for the creamiest French cheese substitute for Brie cheese, then Explorateur cheese won’t disappoint you! Even though it isn’t commonly available everywhere, you can still find this cheese in some supermarkets and online too.

Explorateur cheese is a type of triple cream cheese due to the addition of extra cheese to the curd. This makes the soft texture of Explorateur cheese quite similar to Brie.

Moreover, Explorateur has an exotic nutty and buttery taste like that of hazelnut. It’s also slightly tangy and salty just like Brie. Hence, you can consume Explorateur cheese with red wine, bread, and fruits.

9. Fontina


If you specifically want Brie for dessert dishes, then you can make use of Fontina too.

The Fontina cheese is a considerable substitute for Brie, owing to its nutty, creamy, buttery, and sweet taste. So, you can use it with fruits or even melt it on top of any dish you like.

Moreover, Fontina cheese is commonly available and that’s a huge plus. Keep in mind that it has a semi-hard consistency, unlike Brie’s soft and melty interiors. 

10. Fromage D’affinois

Fromage D’affinois lives up to its brand name with its delicious taste and rich texture.

In fact, its texture is so smooth, light, and creamy that some people prefer this cheese over Brie cheese. During the manufacturing process, this cheese undergoes an ultrafiltration process that helps in spreading the milk components evenly on the cream cheese.

Moreover, Fromage D’affinois’ taste is somewhat similar to Brie’s as it’s also mildly sweet and earthy. It’s slightly runny in consistency so note that! You can use this cheese in place of Brie with various fruits, bread, and even wines like Chardonnay. 

11. Saint-André Cheese

Just like Explorateur cheese, Saint-André cheese is also an extremely famous triple crème cheese. Hence, it’s quite creamy, smooth, and a great substitute for Brie cheese.

A lot of people consider this cheese as an intense version of Brie. It also has a strong buttery taste with a slight tanginess. The salty flavor at the end also makes it a suitable Brie substitute.

Saint-André cheese is consumed best with various fruits, such as apples and pears, bread, beer, and wine too!

12. Toma Cheese

Unlike many other cheese varieties on this list, Toma is an Italian soft or semi-hard cheese. It works as an excellent Brie substitute due to its creamy and smooth texture.

Additionally, it’s also buttery in flavor with a hint of nutty and earthy flavor that makes it similar to Brie again. Hence, you can easily use Toma cheese with fruits, wines, soups, and even burgers and casseroles. But, note that toma cheese is slightly harder than brie cheese.

So, this brings us to the end of the best substitutes for Brie cheese. When you’re picking, keep in mind the type of creaminess you’re looking for, budget, availability, and your final dish.

Related Questions 

What other cheese does Brie taste like?

Brie resembles Camembert and Explorateur cheese in taste and texture. All 3 cheese varieties have a slightly nutty and earthy taste. They also have a creamy texture.

Can you substitute goat cheese for Brie?

You may substitute goat cheese for Brie if you prefer a rich and creamy texture with an earthy taste. But, keep in mind that goat cheese may have a slightly more powerful smell and tart taste too.

Is Brie like cream cheese?

Even though Brie is a type of double cream cheese, there are slight differences. First of all, you cannot spread Brie, as you can do with cream cheese. Also, cream cheese has a slightly sweeter and tangier taste as opposed to the earthy taste of Brie cheese.

Cheese it Up!

Brie cheese tastes scrumptious with fruits, bread, and wines. So, even if you cannot find it around you, don’t despair! These best Brie substitutes are there to save your day and help you relish the experience of Brie cheese. 

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