10 Best Substitutes For Tajin

Tajin Seasoning

Tajin is a popular seasoning in Mexico. And thanks to its pungent taste and rich flavor, it became common in many cuisines of the world.

Tajin consists of chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated limes. Depending on the recipe that was followed, Tajin might contain other ingredients as well and you can use it on plenty of veggie dishes as well as dishes that contain fruits.

If you add this seasoning to fruits, it will accentuate their sweet taste and make your food taste even more delicious.

Takis would be one of the few ready substitutes for Tajin that you find in stores. However, if you don’t find this option, you can use seasoning mixes for fruit salads or mix seasoning for veggies that you will find fairly common and in plenty of variations.

If you use Tajin for veggie dishes you can replace it with chili powder and dried lime, salt, and dehydrated lime, or a mix of salt and chili with lime juice.

Let’s learn more about each substitute.

Best Substitutes for Tajin

Use the next substitutes according to your preferences as they are different and your final dish will also taste different. These alternatives go great for both fruit and veggie-based recipes and you will be pleased to use them in stir-fries as well.

1. Takis seasoning

One of the main replacements for Tajin that you will find in stores is Takis seasoning, the same seasoning used on Takis snacks.

Even if this substitute is not common in all countries, if you do find it, it can be one of the best to use instead of Tajin in the same amount.

You can increase the amount as you see fit according to your preferences.

2. Fruit salad seasoning

Fruit salad

Supermarkets tend to have a rich range of offers when it comes to fruit seasoning, especially if you go shopping in a concept store.

You will find mixes of seasonings for fruits salads or for individual fruits and either one of these options can substitute Tajin seasoning in a dish that contains fruits.

Use such a substitute in the same ratio as you would use Tajin.

3. Vegetable seasoning

Cucumber salad

The veggies seasoning options are even wider than the fruit ones. You can find different types of herbs combined with ingredients that are common to Tajin as well.

In terms of quantities, you can use your preferences and trust your tastes in order to get a delicious dish at the end.

4. A mix of chili powder and dried lime

Chili Powder

If you can’t find any of the herbal mixes to go with your dish, you can use chili powder and dried lime. If you don’t find dried lime, you can dry it at home but make sure you remove the peels.

Mix the powder with dried lime by adding 1 teaspoon of powder for every 2 teaspoons of dried lime. You will obtain a taste that is fairly similar to Tajin seasoning.

You can also add a pinch of salt to this mix or an extra ingredient to your recipe. Either way, this combination can be one of the best replacements for Tajin in any vegetable recipe.

5. Salt and dehydrated lime

Rock salt

If you would like to replace Tajin seasoning in a fruit dish, dehydrated lime and just a little bit of salt might actually help you give your fruits the flavor you want them to have. It is important not to add too much salt though, as you don’t want a salty taste after all.

You can easily make this mix at home or purchase dehydrated lime and mix it with a bit of salt. Add as much of this substitute as you want according to your taste.

It is a great combination for avocado as well as for different fruit salads and plain fruit snacks.

6. Salt, chili, and lime juice

Lime Juice

If you can find Tajin in your kitchen or at the local grocery store, a bit of salt, chili powder, and lime juice, you are very close to the Tajin flavor.

All you have to do is mix these ingredients and add the mixture to your recipe instead of Tajin. If you don’t want a runny texture, you can replace the lime juice with dehydrated lime and you will obtain a similar flavor.

7. Chilli mix with lemon

Lemon juice

If you find a chili mix at your local store, all you have to do is add some lemon to it to get closer to the Tajin flavor.

You can add lemon juice if you want a more sauce-like texture or dried lemon and use the mix in your dish. In terms of ratio, make sure to add equal parts of each ingredient.

However, it depends on the type of chili mix you find. Use your personal preference to find the best balance.

8. Chilli flakes with dehydrated lime

You can easily find chili flakes in all stores. They usually come plain. Therefore, you can mix your chili flakes with some dehydrated lime and you will obtain a new flavor.

The proportions you choose when you mix dehydrated lime with chili flakes depending on how much spice you want to taste in your food.

If you prefer to feel the bitter taste of lime, add more of this ingredient. And if you like the spicy taste of the chili flakes, use this as your main ingredient. This mixture goes amazingly in stir-fries but also curries and on top of different meat dishes as well as fish.

9. Fries seasoning

Frozen Fries in Microwave

A great compromise solution, if you don’t have Tajin, is to use fries seasoning. You can find this type of seasoning in all supermarkets and it usually comes in a mild and spicy flavor.

Since you will not use any extra chili, unless you have some, you might want to choose the spicy flavor of fries seasoning. Use this alternative for dishes that has veggies or a mix of meat and veggies and you will be impressed by the result.

10. Sweet potato seasoning

If you find sweet potato seasonings, you want to give them a try instead of Tajin as you might be impressed. The sweet potatoes require a mix of sweet and spicy when you add seasonings to them, which is exactly what these store mixes include.

You can find sweet potato mixed seasoning that has chili or that is more lemony but all of them enrich the final flavor of your food.

What Is Tajin Seasoning Made Of?

Finding the right substitute for Tajin seasoning is not easy, considering the unique flavor of this ingredient. But you can easily make this seasoning at home and save your meal in this way.

You will need 1 tablespoon of chili powder or paprika powder,1 teaspoon of lime zest, half a teaspoon of cumin, a quarter teaspoon of onion powder, some garlic powder, coriander, cayenne pepper powder, and salt as well as a quarter teaspoon of sugar.

Keep in mind that sugar is optional. And you can increase certain ingredients according to your preferences as well. All you have to do is mix the ingredients together until you obtain a uniform paste. This will be your homemade Tajin and you can use it in any recipe you like. 

What Does Tajín Taste Like?

Tajin has a spicy yet citrusy taste with a tangy and salty flavor.

Depending on the different recipes for this spice, some Tajin brands might be spicier than others or you might feel the lime taste in a more powerful way.

Either way, Tajin is a seasoning that you want to have in your kitchen because you will be able to use it in a wide range of recipes.

What Is Tajín Good On Besides Fruit?

You can use Tajin on all types of fruit and veggie dishes but it is also delicious in cooked dishes such as stir-fries or baked recipes.

Tajin is also great on seeds and different types of nuts like cashew, pistachio, or walnuts. So, if you want to add some extra flavor to your snack, sprinkle some Tajin on top of it.

Another way to use Tajin is to enhance the taste of some drinks. You can use it in all kinds of cold drinks from cocktails such as margarita and michelada to fruit juices and sodas.

It is not going to taste just as good in warm drinks though, but you don’t know if you like it until you give it a try!


It might seem difficult to find a Tajin substitute that is already made but if you choose one of the alternatives in this guide, you will definitely save your recipe.

Get creative with the ingredients you mix in order to get the Tajin taste and you might discover some delicious mixes to use in future recipes as well!

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