Complete Your Meal: Tasty and Creative Side Dishes

Whether it’s a simple pastrami sandwich or more delectable roasted pork, integrating a side dish into your meals can make all the difference. Adding the right side dish elevates your meal instantly from a boring everyday sandwich or too rich of roast to a more flavor and nutrient-balanced dish. 

However, not everyone is blessed with the skill or craft to masterfully pair their meal with the right side dishes. Don’t feel too down about this. After all, they may just have the solution for you. At Substitute Cooking, we share recommendations of the best creative side dishes to pair with your meals. But first a big welcome to all ‘Copperkettlenashville’ readers. I hope you enjoy our content. 

Whether a simple quick recipe, rich roast, or foreign cuisine, you can rest assured that there’s a side dish idea to explore.

Thai Side Dishes

Substitute Cooking: Offering Side Dishes for Any Meal

Substitute Cooking is not your regular food site. In addition to gifting our readers with a myriad of delectable recipes, you will notice that the site goes a step further. Specializing in creative, mouthwatering meals, the site offers excellent, valuable information on choosing and preparing side dishes. 

With each side dish recipe comes actionable tips and tricks from experienced cooking experts. Similarly, despite the dish you plan to serve, the array of side dishes you will find in this incredible artistic arsenal won’t disappoint you.

It’s worth noting that Substitute Cooking is pretty different from other cooking and food sites. When it comes to side dishes, as our name suggests, we are also good at recommending substitutes. Just because you don’t have potatoes for your fries to pair with your burger, it doesn’t mean dinner’s out!

 We are passionate about curating recipes for side dish alternatives not only for pairing with your main dishes. Our focus on creative pairing transforms even the simplest meals into enjoyable, mouth-watering dishes.

Complement Meaty Dishes

Many main dishes come with the beauty of versatility and allow you to pair them with various side dishes. A rich, expertly put-together dish like beef wellington allows you to pair it with a cross section of side dishes. Ultimately, it all depends on the dish you want to pair it with. 

Options like stir fry vegetables can be served as the main dish with a white or brown rice side dish. But, did you know that stir fry vegetables also pair perfectly with beef wellington – with the veggies as side dishes? 

At Substitute Cooking, we explore this versatility and make the most of it when it comes to food prep. With our countless recipe recommendations, you can find impressive dishes you can serve in various fun ways.  In fact, we give you the creativity to serve the same dish in different contexts. 

For example, if you want to turn your regular beef wellington dinner into an illustrious, luxury dinner for special guests – you don’t have to change the whole meal. All you do is simply alter the side dishes. Ditch regular stir fry veggies and replace them with more exotic sounding and tasting side dishes. 

For instance, beautiful plated carrot puree, colorful vegetable salads, risotto with mushroom, or asparagus will do the trick. Light flavored side dishes like asparagus also pair well and instantly elevate other main dishes into a luxurious spread, too. These include main dish options like meatballs or chicken tenders

Further, you will find options for warm and cold seasons, whether cold cut sandwiches, burgers, or heartier chili or sausages. Sounds impossible, right? Well, we even recommend side dishes for unique foods; you didn’t think you could pair with something other than bread. 

With Substitute Cooking, you are also covered during those relaxing summer days. With an endless option of BBQ options, we have just the right side dishes to recommend.  Whether you want to feast on shrimp or BBQ classics, like kabobs, there’s a myriad of options to pair with.


Elevate Simple Sandwiches & Salads

Sandwiches and salads don’t have to be bland and only as convenient options to quickly fill up your belly. You can create a game changer meal by simply pairing your sandwiches or salads with the right side dish. 

We know that certain sandwich or salad classics are not easy to ditch. So, while feasting on the same regular sandwiches, you can still make your meals interesting.  A turkey burger shouldn’t just be limited to being served with fries or simple salad. 

Pairing the burger with broccoli bites is one way to complete the meal and make it more interesting and healthy at the same time. If you want to maintain the classics, we also have delicious recipes to try out. Planning on a grilled cheese sandwich lunch? There’s everything from classic grilled cheese side dishes like tomato soup or cheesy broccoli soup, to more unique options.

Further, we teach you how to create a complete meal with salads paired with side dishes. You will find side dish recipes that open you up to versatile foods you can enjoy as salads or turn them into sandwiches. These include tuna and potato salads. 

Add Bread into your Diet Using Interesting Sides

Sure, garlic bread goes with pasta and corn bread is one of the core stapes of southern cooking. But, did you know that you can enjoy bread in other creative ways than these traditional serving methods. It’s not always easy to think of a more varied line up of dishes to pair with different breads. At Substitute Cooking, this problem is taken care of. 

With a wider selection of bread types available, you will find a rich source of recipes to diversify your meals. Whether it’s focaccia, sourdough, or sliced bread, you can find exciting side dishes to pair with them. We even share recommended dishes to pair with multi cuisine breads from all over the world, like naans and Japanese milk bread, for a whirlwind dining experience.

Sides for Exotic Multi-Cuisines

Whether it’s take-out or trying your hand at different cuisines, pairing with the right side dish can be difficult. This is especially true when trying out new cuisine. With endless options of side dish recipes to pick from, you will find any side dish to pair with your main dish, whether from Latin American to African and Asian. 

We even go the extra mile to share simple recipes to easily reproduce the dishes at home. Do you plan on enjoying popular cuisines with dishes, like ramen, fried rice, pierogies, or tamales? You can find various simple and delicious side dish recipes to try at home. There are even more comprehensive lists of side dishes for exotic cuisines, like Thai

If you have a small gathering or just a relaxing evening with family and friends, you can also find cool side dishes to pair with simple appetizers from various cuisines. Make your small new year’s cocktail party or wedding reception unique by incorporating delicious exotic cuisine into the menu. 

You can find a host of side dishes to pair and beautifully plate with appetizers, like spring rolls, dumplings, or empanadas. We even have mind-blowing recipes and side dish recommendations for more unique foods, like miso soup.

Side Dish for a Side Dish

Sometimes, you may struggle to find the right dish to pair with a side dish. It doesn’t always have to be what to pair with a steak. You can also struggle to find the right dish for a side dish. Ever wondered what else you can pair with dishes, like mashed or baked potatoes

Our comprehensive guide on various recommendations to pair with popular side dishes helps to eliminate these problems. Substitute Cooking covers an endless recommendation list for various common side dishes, such as white rice, sweet potatoes, collard greens, and even biscuits and gravy

Do you happen to have more unusual side dishes and wonder what to pair them with? We have you covered too. Did you know split pea soup pairs well with coleslaw? Did you also know that baked beans aren’t just for BBQ and hot dogs? Interestingly, baked beans pair impressively well with pasta.  You can find a myriad of these interesting but perfectly paired combinations. 

Turning Snacks into Luxurious Appetizers with Sides

You can also transform your snacking experience by learning how to choose accompaniments. Snacking doesn’t have to be a boring affair either. Sure, you can nibble on biscuits? But, why not balance these hearty baked goodies with sweet honey or nutty peanut butter?

We follow the same creative practice for all our snack pairing recommendations. Using Substitute Cooking alone, you will find more options than you can handle. We have an interesting array of side dish recipes and recommendations for your snacks, including mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, or more exotic cabbage rolls.

Unconventional Recipes for Single Ingredients, Condiments, and Add-ons

At Substitute Cooking, we go the extra mile. Not, everyone is a skilled chef, like Gordon Ramsey, or creative in the kitchen, like Martha Stewart. This doesn’t mean that meal prep should be boring and predictable.  

While it’s easy to pinpoint good side dishes for complete meals, it’s sometimes impossible to do so for just an ingredient or condiment. Now, with the right know-how, you can curate interesting dishes with just one ingredient in mind. 

Our recipes offer an array of options to help you do just this. With just a single ingredient, we share a selection of side dishes to pair with one such ingredient. Whether it’s cream cheese, garlic confit, or béchamel sauce, you will find interesting recipes to pair with these ingredients for decadent dishes and appetizers.

Substitute Cooking: Substitutes for your Side Dishes

As a reflection of our name, substitute Cooking offers more than just recipes and recommendations for the best side dishes. We help your experience in the kitchen to be more effortless and exciting. Plus, we help you make every ingredient worth the while! 

No matter the ingredients you have in your pantry and refrigerator, we help you curate that satisfying side dish. Don’t have sweet chili sauce for your Thai side dishes; we have substitute solutions for you. Out of flour to thicken your gravy, we can recommend an alternative. At substitute cooking, we ensure your dining arrangements go as planned.

If you have doubts when preparing your side dishes, we also offer an exhaustive FAQs section to answer common issues. After all, not everyone has enjoyed the privilege of attending culinary school to learn cooking basics. So, if you are wondering if puree or crushed tomatoes are best for tomato soup – we can help you decide.

 You can also learn how to pick ingredients, determine tastes, and even when ingredients for your side dishes go bad. It’s safe to say that Substitute Cooking offers a well-rounded guide into preparing and pairing side dishes. It’s not only about the recipes. Instead, we focus on helping you achieve the ultimate cooking and dining experience. 

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Substitute Cooking Side Dish Recipes

With Substitute Cooking, you don’t just get recipes for side dishes and work on the rest yourself. We go the extra mile to transform your dining experience for the better. Whether it’s just snacks, crowd-pleasing appetizers, or dinner set up to impress guests, we have you covered. 

Our well throughout and creative recommendations for side dishes cover a cross section of dining needs. You don’t have to limit your cooking abilities to just regular steak and potatoes or grilled cheese and tomato soup. There’s so much more you can do with regular everyday ingredients and dishes. At Substitute Cooking, we teach you to do just that!