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Are you obsessed with baking? Well, you can put your baking tools, baker’s hat, and apron down because you have finally found your tribe! Whether it’s cakes, sweet pastries, or decadent desserts, our baking section at Substitute Cooking Never disappoints.

But, just like the name suggests, Substitute Cooking is not your regular food destination. We go the extra mile to spice things up and make baking more exciting for you – even when you lack access to some key ingredients. But first a big welcome to all readers. I hope you enjoy our content.

Contrary to what many people may tell you about baking, this style of cooking does give you a lot of room to play around and experiment. Sure, you want to maintain the same measurements and units in recipes. 

Nonetheless, with the right recipe direction, you can experiment and explore different ingredients, flavors, and textures. This is where Substitute Cooking comes in. If you want to take your baking skills to the next level, this is the tribe for you. Along the way, you will even equip your baking knowledge arsenal with more information about the craft. 

When you join our tribe, over time, you will be a master of versatile baking yourself. Whether you want to be the next master baker, Cedric Grolet, or just want to brush up your skills for the next festive season, Substitute cooking lets you do that.

Ready to explore? Let’s jump right in.

making pancakes

Substitute Cooking: Find the Best Recipes for Baked Goodies

As you navigate Substitute Cooking, you will find a generous lineup of interesting recipes for everything baking. In addition to baking recipes, I want to improve your overall experience in the kitchen. So, instead of just sharing recipes with zero reasoning for the techniques used, I’ll go a step further.

You will also find countless techniques for different classic baked goods so you can better understand the reasoning behind each recipe. Whether it’s stopping your macarons from cracking or simpler cake and brownie cooling times, you will find simple to more complex techniques you can finally master. 

Along with the techniques, you will find useful recommendations and guides into different baking ingredients, be it flour, oils, butter and margarine, or leavening agents. Plus, on the baking section, you will finally put questions you may have about equipment to rest. 

As simple as it may sound, it can sometimes be confusing to decide what’s better between baking paper or parchment paper or to use a square or round cake pan. In addition to recipes and techniques, you will find a host of other special tips. 

For example, before I trained in the baking area, I was very annoyed with how my desserts would lose taste and texture over time, even when I thought my storage skills were impeccable.  I want to help you navigate these issues too. Whether it’s how to reheat bread, freeze croissants, store cake, or keep a homemade dessert creamy after days, you will find a detailed resource ensemble to guide you.

Know Your Ingredients

A successful baker knows their ingredients in detail. This allows them to fine-tune the flavors, achieve the textures and shapes they want, and even the aroma. So, before adding it to your cakes, it is worth noting the difference between various baking ingredients, like sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk or dark and semi-sweet chocolate.

But, this is not all. There are plenty of baking ingredients to use. We’ve shared a generous amount to learn about. So, next time you make a black forest cake, you don’t have to wonder what to use – between baking chocolate and choco chips, granulated and cane sugar, and cane and brown sugar

You’ll even find less commonly used ingredients like yogurt and sour cream. If you are just starting to learn baking, you probably want to discover fun ingredients to add to your baked goods. On Substitute Cooking, you will find plenty of recommendations to add flavor to your items. These include fillings, like almond paste


Know Your Baking Tools

Ultimately, baking is not only about the ingredients, recipes, and techniques. Tools and equipment used for the process also play an important role in the final results. For instance, you don’t want to bake cake bases for a three-tier birthday cake in a casserole dish! 

So, you certainly want to know more about your baking tools, depending on the recipe you are working on.  Whether it’s the best substitutes for jelly roll pans, ramekins, or pie weights, Substitute Cooking has you covered.

Handling Baking Ingredients & Leftovers

If you’ve created a large batch or want to divide ingredients for later use, there are always storage practices to preserve them. Just because you have a large batch of cookie dough, doesn’t mean you should use it all in a day. You can always freeze it and defrost it later when ready to use. Alternatively, you can simply microwave refrigerated cookie dough to soften it.

Further, you will find resources for more common practices, such as storing pies and dough. You will also learn dos and don’ts when handling baking ingredients. You can enjoy access to a variety of resources, like cream whipping techniques or using egg wash.

Flavored Donuts

Indulge in Sweet and Decadent Desserts

This is perhaps the favorite part of many people who love baking – sweet and decadent desserts! Now, Substitute Cooking wouldn’t be complete without offering a rich display of delicious dessert recipes, tips, and techniques. Hey, you will even find a host of interesting resources, like 40 different lip-smacking donuts to try out!

You will also find a comparison section to help you differentiate between different recipes. This allows you to appreciate their flavors even more. So, before you jump into the baking task, learn the difference between flan and crème caramel, or cupcake and muffin, first. Plus, I’ve shared about spices, like why cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder should be used in different situations. You can even find resources that explore the difference in spices, such as nutmeg and mace.

I’ve also included a good amount of baking booze resources, be it rum, Madeira wine, bourbon, brandy, or crème de cacao

When it comes to decadent desserts, it’s only fair to categorize “cake” as its own niche. After all, you will find a massive lineup of information on cakes alone. In addition to recipes, you will even find a generous amount of resources on popular cake ingredients. Whether it’s flavors like cocoa powder, chips, nibs, or espresso powder, cream cheese for cheesecake, or egg substitutes for brownies, the resources are endless.

Or, Different Bread Types

If you love bread like me, you will not be disappointed with Substitute Cooking. Here, you will find a generous lineup of resources on these baked goodies. Whether you want to know more about different bread, like sourdough rye, or more unique challah, you are covered. 

If you think you’ve seen all types of flour, you are certainly wrong! At Substitute Cooking, you will discover new types of flour to make your bread-making more interesting. How about starting with spelt, rye, coconut, or whole wheat

Additionally, we’ve shared substitutes for different key ingredients so you can still have your bread. These include leavening agents, like baking powder and soda. You will even find dos, don’t, and tips on making and storing bread. 

Learn to Pay Attention to Smaller Details

You will notice that many master bakers perfect their craft by paying attention to very small details in their recipes. Whether it’s perfecting the art of making fruit-based desserts like Cedric Grolet or Parisian-style bread-making like Apollonia Poilane, you have to pay attention to small details. 

Don’t worry as this section is thoroughly covered in the Substitute Cooking baking area. You will find a host of small but detailed techniques to help you improve your recipes. You can find anything from homemade red or black food coloring tips to flavor substitutes, the amount of salt to add to butter, how to thin melted chocolate, or How to soften hard caramel, to mention a few. 

You will also find simple information every baker should know, like how much yeast should be in a packet or the difference between baking powder and cream of tartar. Also, you can delve into resources on different types of baking spices to use, such as vanilla and its varieties.

Substituting in Baking

Yes, baking is a strict craft. Unlike regular cooking, in most cases, it doesn’t give you much room to experiment or deviate from the recipes. After all, even a difference of an ounce of an ingredient or one ingredient missing can impact the flavor, texture, and aroma of your intended dish. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t entirely experiment with baking. 

There are plenty of routes to take to still produce incredible baked goods and desserts. The best way to do so is to adopt substitute cooking. In many cases, this may change the texture, flavor, and aroma. Yet, you will still enjoy a decadent dish. Now, this is where Substitute Cooking jumps in. 

First, you will find plenty of substitute recipes for cookies, cakes, and bread. Further, you will also find fun ingredient substitutes for baking, such as pumpkin pie spice, lady finger substitutes for tiramisu, puff pastries, and graham crackers for cheesecakes, to name a few. 

Whether you are looking for substitutes for baking flour, cake flour, tapioca flour, or which flour to use best for a recipe, this rich resource spot offers just the directions you need. I’ve even gone a step further to share more resources on areas that may seem insignificant to other bakers. This is to ensure you produce stellar sweet baked items. 

Do you have a recipe that calls for coconut flour but you don’t have any? Are you wondering what to use in place of cooking spray? Don’t have butter for cookies? You are at the perfect place to answer all these questions as you get along with your baking experience. In fact, you will find a good lineup of fat and oil substitutes, such as butter, lard, regular shortening, veggie shortening, butter extract, and veggie butter

Further, you will find substitutes for common ingredients, like single and heavy cream, egg whites and yolk, meringue powder, molasses, and sugars, including caster, brown and granulated. You’ll even find a detailed section on even smaller less commonly used ingredients like gelatin sheets and baking cheese.

Gluten-free Baked Goodies Tips

Just because you can’t handle gluten doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy Substitute Cooking. I’ve put together a range of resources specifically for gluten-free items. But, it’s not only recipes you will access here. You will also find a range of information to aid you through your baking journey. Running out of gluten-free teff flour? We have just the substitute recommendations.

Experiencing Trouble during Baking?

Struggling to get the right results when baking? Substitute cooking also acts as your troubleshooting tool. With multiple simple guides on baking, you can easily diagnose and fix different baking problems you may incur. 

Want to make ganache using white chocolate but struggle to melt it? Trying to make your sourdough bread but the starter won’t rise? Is your cookie dough too crumbly? Did you successfully make fudge but it won’t set? You will find many resources to help circumvent or fix these issues.

Start Your Baking Journey with Substitute Cooking

Unlike other cooking styles, baking requires a degree of perfection, patience, and artistry to perfect the craft. But, with the right guidance, this can easily be achieved. You will even enjoy the process along the way with the right guidance. So, what better way to learn or perfect baking than with your own baking tribe at Substitute Cooking? 


After all, for us, it’s not only about perfecting recipes we curate and share with you. You also learn various techniques, tips, dos, and don’ts to make you an excellent baker in your own right. You’ll even be able to curate your DIY recipes like other renowned master bakers.